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Academic programmes

Our college is preparing medium-grade medical personnel in the following specialties:


«Orthopedic dentistry»


«Hygiene and Epidemiology»

«Medical care»

«Laboratory Diagnostics»



Undergraduate Programme

Activity principles

Operating principles are an integral part of the College’s strategy, which determine the basic rules and norms of personnel behavior, necessary for the successful implementation of the Mission, Vision and Strategy of the College.

All College employees in their daily work are guided by the following principles:​

  • Mutual respect and mutual understanding;
  • Respect for students and teachers needs;
  • Compliance with high ethical and moral principles;
  • Focus on cooperation and teamwork;
  • Intolerance to corruption;
  • Implementation of innovative educational technologies in teaching practice;
  • Careful attitude to the organization’s resources and dedication in the performance of duties;
  • Constant desire for self-improvement;
  • Improving the competitiveness of teaching and administrative staff.

Strategic Plan for 2018-2022

Strategic Plan for 2023-2027

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About us

«High Medical College» is one of the oldest educational institutions in Almaty, founded in 1981 and prepares medium-grade medical personnel

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