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«Sanaly Urpaq» Anti-Corruption Club of Municipal state enterprise on the right of economic management “High Medical College” Public Health Department of Almaty. 

​This club operates on the basis of model provision on “Sanaly Urpaq” anti-corruption club.


Club Mission – patriotic and competitive youth, who intend to live in Kazakhstan, in a country free of corruption.

The purpose of the Club is eradication of corruption in educational system, creation an environment of common rejection of corruption through educational system.

The Club’s strategy is based on approbation and implementation of pilot reforms in order to use the best practices in educational institutions of the country.

The main directions of the Club:

  • anti-corruption culture;
  • transparency and openness of educational organizations;
  • academic honesty;
  • anti-corruption legislation in education sector;
  • information support.

​The main objectives of the Club will be implemented in all educational organizations and in all levels of education.

Club objects: regular schools, specialised secondary educational establishments and higher educational institutions.

Project subjects: students of regular schools, specialised secondary educational establishments and higher educational institutions, as well as teachers, lecturers of all educational institutions and parents.

Club events:

  1. City meeting of “Sanaly Urpaq” participants (20.10.2021)
  2. Meeting with the Head of the Republican Project Office  (20.05.2021)
  3. “10 ways to defeat corruption” (02.05.2021)
  4. “Youth against corruption” poster contest (05.02.2021)
  5. “Clean Examination period” Questionnaire  (16.03.2021)
  6. Lost your wallet: in which country are the chances that you will get your wallet back? (28.01.2021)
  7. “Let’s say NO to Bribery!” (28.01.2021)
  8. Сonsecration of 1st year students to the ranks of “Sanaly Urpaq” (27.10.2020)
  9. Videoconference with Kayyrzhan Tokushev (26.10.2020)
  10. Anti-corruption measures (04.03.2020)

Anelya Akylbekova – Chairman of “Sanaly Urpaq”

e-mail: nelaakylbekova05@gmail.com 

Instagram: dauletzhan_d