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Student service center

Maygul Dzhumakanova


The main activities of Student service center:

  • Delivery of services / public services (acceptance of applications from students: enrollment, expulsion, restoration, transfers from other medical colleges, within the college, etc.
  • Issuance of exit forms;
  • Acceptance of documents for the provision of discounts for;
  • Providing college students with academic record books, student cards;
  • Informing, notifying and advising students and their representatives;
  • Ensuring timely and reliable input of information into the electronic student database etc.

The stuff of Student service center:

Aida Kahrimankyzy

Victoria Shatrova

Aisulu Alieva 

Head of departments

Kulyash Karimbayeva

Head of Nursing Department

Nazym Abylova

Head of “Medical Care” department

Marzhan Omarova

Head of “Pharmacy”, “Laboratory diagnostics”, “Hygiene and Epidemiology”, “Dentistry” departments

Gulsim Alibayeva

Head of “Applied bachelor degree” department

Lectures are held in 2 shifts:

  • from 08:00 a.m. till 12:55 p.m.;
  • from 01:35 p.m. till 06:30 p.m.

Students' uniform:

  • Dress code: white medical coat, badge;
  • for clinical disciplines: surgical overalls, white coat, extra pair of shoes, cap, badge.
  • At the end of academic year all students return textbooks to College library.

Safety arrangements:

  • It’s forbidden to run in the academic building, including stairs;
  • It’s forbidden to go to the balcony;
  • It’s forbidden to climb to stairwell.

Students on duty:

  • they check and prepare lecture room 10 minutes before the lectures;
  • organize work with the group.

Not allowed:

  • make noise in the hallway during lecture hours;
  • use loud sound devices.


  • clean up the trash;
  • ventilate lecture rooms;
  • turn off the light, before leaving.

Students are expulsion without warning in case of:

  • drunkenness;
  • organization and participation in gambling;
  • drug consumption;
  • speculation.

Alizhan Bekbosynov Chairman of the Student Council

e-mail: alizhan.bekbosynov@list.ru

Instagram: alizhan.bk

The main tasks of the Student Council:

  • Creating conditions for students to acquire managerial and organizational experience.
  • Assistance in creating the necessary conditions for the active involvement of students in various spheres of college’s public life.
  • Participation in the development of internal regulatory documents.
  • Prevention of offenses in all areas of student life.
  • Continuous functioning of clubs and sections.

The structure of the Student Council includes:

  1. Creative department.
  2. Scientific department.
  3. PR.
  4. Department for the organization of ethical and educational work.
  5. Student Dean’s Office.
  6. Department of Sports and Healthy lifestyle.