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“Prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Contraception methods”

On November 02, 2022, a lecture on the topic “Prevention of unwanted pregnancy. Contraception methods” was held in our College. Invited lecturers:

  • Sholpan Karzhaubaeva – Head of the Youth Health Resource Center;
  • Nazerke Rayymbekova – gynecologist;
  • Elena Akchalova – psychologist.

Teenage pregnancy is not only a medical problem, but also a social one. The real reasons for early pregnancy are not related to the biological, but to the social aspect. The reasons for teenage pregnancy are insufficient sexual education.

Early pregnancy is called pregnancy at the age of 13 to 18 years. Prevention of early pregnancy should be carried out from school, since abortion is harmful to expectant mothers’ health. To prevent early pregnancy, it is necessary to contact specialists who can tell you about modern contraception methods.