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“The World of Farabi” International Scientific Conference

On April 06-08, 2023, our students: Abylkakova Ayym, Daniyarova Aizara, Abylkairova Karlygash under the guidance of philosophy lecturer Askarova Kenzhegul took part in “The World of Farabi” International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists. The conference was held in Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. According to the results of the conference, our students took the 2nd place.

We congratulate Ayym Abylkakova, Azara Daniyarova and Karlygash Abylkairova, as well as their academic adviser Kenzhegul Askarova with an excellent result! The 2nd place in such an event is a great success and recognition of achievements in the field of science and research. We wish you further success and new victories!