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Explanatory talk on Omicron prevention

On February 08 an explanatory talk on the prevention of Omicron was held among our College students.

How does it differ from its predecessors and what measures should be taken?

At the moment, it is known that a new wave of pandemic caused by Omicron variant is characterized by an approximately 3-fold increase in the contagiousness of the virus. In addition, Omicron is characterized by a shortened latency period, that is, the time from the moment of infection to the appearance of symptoms. Now it’s about 2 days compared to an average of 5 days for Delta and other previous variants.

In many countries, Omicron variant is rapidly spreading. In the USA and the European region, it has already become dominant. Moreover, the number of cases of infection doubles daily.

According to the report of the chief researcher of the World Health Organization, Sumya Swaminathan, currently available vaccines protect against coronavirus, including “Omicron”.

The explanatory talk with the students was conducted by paramedic of College medical office Uldan Tazhieva.