25 years of Kazakhstan's independence

This year Kazakhstan is celebrating its 25th anniversary as an independent nation. Over the years, Kazakhstan has demonstrated its commitment to multilateralism, global peace-building, security and development, as well as its efficiency as an impartial honest broker working for the common benefit.

The Independence Day is the main national holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This date is celebrated every year in Kazakhstan on December 16. The Constitutional Law on Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted on this day in 1991. Over 120 countries have officially recognized and established diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan.

The attainment of independence was the expression of the people’s will, citizens’ rights and freedoms, directly related to the history of the people of Kazakhstan, its future, restructuring of the economic and political system. The achievements made by Kazakhstan since the attainment of independence have proved its stability, peace and interethnic harmony of the people of Kazakhstan. Today we can say with confidence that Kazakhstan is recognized in the international arena and taken its place among the world's economies.

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