I.1.General provisions

2.Almaty medical college holds reception of students on 2016-2017 academic year on the basis of regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 19, 2012 №130 On approval of the Model Rules of admission to educational institutions implementing professional training programs of technical and vocational education in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan 27 July 2007 "on education" (hereinafter the Act).

3.At Almaty Medical College, received the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having basic secondary (basic general), general secondary , technical and vocational (primary and secondary vocational), higher education (higher vocational) education, face Kazakhs who are not citizens

Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4.On admission to study at the Almaty Medical College provides admission quota for persons specified in Paragraph 8 of Article 26 of the Law.

  1. Form date and the list of subjects of entrance examinations for this group of people sets the institution.

4.At Almaty Medical College for organizing the reception of citizens' applications for education, conducting entrance examination and enrollment of the students created a selection committee, which begins its work no later than 1 June.

  1. Information about admission rules, as well as the decision of the selection committee of the Almaty Medical College on the organization of receiving the application, the schedule for the entrance examinations, enrollment results should be reported promptly to the applicants.
  2. Receiving a statement of citizens to study at Almaty College of Medicine carried out on educational academic programs of technical and vocational education, providing training of mid-level professionals, on a full-time form of study from 20 June to 31 July for applicants on the basis of 9 classes of 20 August for applicants on the basis of 11 classes.
  3. The application for admission to the Almaty medical College applicants enclose the original of the education document, medical certificate on form 086( for disabled people I and the II group and disabled people from childhood –the conclusion of medical-social assessment), 4 photos 3x4-6 PCs.

The identity documents of applicants, apply personally, by parents or legal representatives.

Foreigners and persons without citizenship present document, defining their status, with a note of registration by place of residence:

  • foreigner-residence permit of foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • person without citizenship-the certificate of person without citizenship;
  • for refugee-refugee certificate;
  • the asylum-seeker - evidence of persons seeking shelter;
  • oralman-identity of oralman;