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Ospanova Aigerim

Deputy Director on educational work of  Almaty Medical College







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Sherimbetova Akmaral

In 1993 graduated from the sanitary-hygienic faculty of Karaganda State Medical Institute.

In 1993-2003 – Doctor-epidemiologist.

Since 2005 –  teacher of anatomy and physiology at the Almaty Medical College, Senior Lecturer, chairman cyclic – methodical commission “general professional disciplines.”

2014-2015 – Head of the Division “Nursing”.

From March 2015, was appointed acting Deputy Director of College on educational work.

 Deputy Director on teaching and practical work of Almaty Medical College







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Mashtakhova Sara

In 1992 graduated from Almaty State Medical Institute on specialty “Therapy”.

1992-1995 therapist, since 1995 – lecturer at the Almaty Medical College in the disciplines “Propaedeutics of internal diseases”, “Nursing in therapy”, “Emergency therapy”, “Physiology”.

2000-2009 years – chairman  CMC “Nursing in therapy”.

2009-2015 years – Head of the Division “Medical Care”.

Teacher of the highest category.

From August 2015, was appointed acting Deputy of  Director for training and production work.

 Deputy director on upbringing work of  Almaty Medical College







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Dzhumakanova Maigul

She graduated from Almaty Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages.

1992-2002 – English teacher in the district Urdzhar, the East Kazakhstan region.

Since 2002 – teacher of English at the Almaty Medical College.

In 2003-2005 she headed the work of the coordinator of the Student Council.

Since 2005 – a senior lecturer at the of chair Socio-economic sciences and the humanities.

Since 2008 – Head of the Cyclic methodical commissions of “Socio-economic sciences and humanities”

In 2009-2010 – Head of the Division of 1-2 full-time course.

Since 2010 she was appointed as Deputy Director for educational work.

She was awarded a diploma for the upbringing of youth from Mayor of Almaty A.S. Yesimov.

She was awarded service letter of thanks for active participation in community service from the People’s Democratic Party “Nur Otan”.